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Volunteerism Service


To coordinate the volunteering activities for the disabled students by their peer students.

Who does it concern?

Students with Disabilities: they have to submit the Disability/Special Needs Registration Form.
Volunteer Students: who wish to support their fellow students during an academic semester.

Types of Voluntary Support

The voluntary categories indicatively include:

  • Support for transportation (mainly for wheelchair users)
  • Support in handling objects (books, laboratory instruments, etc).
  • Inform about announcements of teachers / labs / secretariats.
  • Gathering of textbooks from their distribution places.
  • Support in note taking.
  • Support in the writing of assignments and computer use.
  • Support in study.
  • Support in writing exams.
  • Learning of computers.
  • Production of accessible text books


Ariadni Velissaropoulos, tel.: +30 210 7275130,