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Examples of Assistive Technologies for persons with disabilities.



1. Assessment

  • Identification of special needs of students
  • Assign the appropriate Assistive Technologies to specific needs

2. Personal Assistive Technologies

  • Proposal for appropriate Assistive Technologies
  • Configuration and training
  • Technical support

3. Information Provision

  • Development and maintenance of the Accessibility Unit's web site
  • Organization of workshops and seminars
  • Production of brochures and leaflets

4. Accessible workstations in academic libraries

5. Provision of accessibility expertise

  • Provision of accessibility tools and guidelines
  • Provision of accessibility specifications
  • Evaluation of Websites for accessibility

6. Cooperation with higher education institutions

  • Horizontal actions
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Exchange of know-how

7. Research and development

  • Support of the Greek language in Assistive Technologies
  • Standardization Activities
  • Participation in collaborative research and development projects