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Developer: Magnus White and Nawar Halabi

Category: Text to Speech - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Word Prediction - Screen Readers

Disability: Autism - Learning Difficulties - Low Vision - Dyslexia


The application is "Open Source" and appears as a line cross-browser tool that provides all the functions normally would be made by using different settings or products. Converts text to speech, enables the user to configure the reader window, adjusting the font color and the background window. Also, the user can select the text to be highlighted in the reading window while read and overwrite the desktop with a color of his choice. Additional features including dictionary, text editor with spelling, grammar and syntax correction and provides words when writing. Still, there is STEMReader, where the user can hear the recorded mathematical symbols and equations. It supports english and arabic.

Operating system: Windows 10, 8 (Desktop), Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP

Installation: Download and install ATbar-Desktop.exe file after you unzip. You can use ATbar directly from a USB stick for a mobile solution.

Settings: To run it, double click Atbar-windows icon. Also, if you need to hear the mathematical expressions, you need to install the STEMReader.

Download internal: ATbar-Desktop.exe (< 1 MB)

Download external:

Commercial products:

Commercial product Price
JAWS Standard $895.00
JAWS Professional $1,095.00
HAL Standard PC Edition $775.00
Windows Eyes $895.00

Last updated: 20/10/16 15:26


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