GW 2011: The 9th International Gesture Workshop
Gesture in Embodied Communication and Human-Computer Interaction
May 25-27, 2011, Athens, Greece

Call for Papers

The International Gesture Workshop is an interdisciplinary event for researchers working on gestural interaction, who want to meet and exchange their ideas and newest research. GW2011 aims to bring together researchers from computer science, engineering, and the humanities in order to connect recent theoretical discoveries about the embodied bases of human verbal and nonverbal communication with approaches taken to developing interactive systems that exploit gesture as a means of interacting with machines. The workshop will be the 9th in the Gesture Workshop series initiated in 1996.

Scope and Topics

Under the focus of gesture-based human-computer interaction, we invite submissions of original work that addresses, but is not limited to, one or more of the following aspects:

a bullet Concepts, models, architectures

  • Theoretical aspects of gestural communication and interaction
  • Gesture and speech, gaze, or other natural modalities
  • Gesture and embodied cognition
  • Gesture and sociality
  • Gesture and multimodal dialogue
  • Gesture expressivity
  • Gesture development and learning
  • Sensori-motor aspects of gesture
  • Sign language processing
  • Gesture recognition and analysis
  • Gesture production and synthesis
  • Fusion and fission of gesture with other modalities
  • Systematic and idiosyncratic aspects of gesture

a bullet Applications

  • User issues, usability studies, application paradigms
  • Vision-based gesture recognition
  • Gesture in virtual and augmented reality
  • Gesture in embodied conversational agents
  • Gesture in mobile computing
  • Gesture in tangible and haptic interfaces
  • Gesture for gaming and entertainment
  • Gesture for audio-visual applications
  • Gesture for therapy and rehabilitation
  • Gesture for music and performing arts
  • Gesture for education

a bullet A PDF and a Word version of the Call For Papers can be found here:

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