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Version: 5.2.2 Freeware

Developer: Eye Gaze Interaction Group

Category: Click Helper - Alternative Communication

Disability: Speech Disability - Motor Disability


The Gazetalk is a human computer communication system for people with disabilities. It facilitates computer accessibility with pplications such as: creating/editing documents, email, web browsing, multimedia applications (music, video), reading PDF, speech output (SAPI4, SAPI5), letters and words prediction, able to work with mouse, joystick, head tracking, or other alternative devices, supports users with low mobility, incorporates with the program Dasher and transfer text from the Dasher to Gazetalk. It is designed for multiple languages ​​including: English, Italian, German, Danish and Japanese.

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Installation: Download and run the file GazeTalk5_2_2_En.msi
System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or newer and Microsoft media player 9.0.

Settings: Before using Gazetalk system, you must run config.exe which is located in the installation folder. When you start the application config.exe it presents a window with five tabs that you can adjust accordingly. In the first tab “Email” write your email data communication (id, pass, address, server communication). In the next tab “Preferences” you can adjust your communication with the system. In the tag control choices can be: click mode (works as a normal mouse click-function), dwell mode (makes selections by dwell time activation), auto scan mode, where in this option the system gives you your options cyclically and with an input device such mouse or joystick you can press the desired choice. In the next tag if no input an option (yes/no), when active, begins to scan. Another tag is the selection SAPI4 or SAPI5. On the “Layout” tab you have settings for how to view the application’s image (screen size, character size). On the “Path” tab, browse and define the location of the Dasher program for collaborative working with Gazetalk and also the system language. To start the system you have to locate the installation folder and run the file GazeTalk5.exe, which opens the system environment. The audio files and movie files are in the installation’s folder music or movie.

User Manual: Gazetalk_manual.

Download internal: (< 1 MB)

Download external:

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