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Multimedia Calculator.Net

5 stars (excellent)


Version: Freeware

Developer: Peter Burgess

Category: Calculators

Disability: Low Vision


The Multimedia Calculator. Net displays a calculator on the computer screen similar to that of Windows with the difference that the user can choose what function buttons (+, -) will appear on the calculator's screen. The numbers appear in a different color from the color of the symbols (function keys) so they are easily separable keys.

Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Vista x64

Installation: Run the setup.exe file generated by decompression 

Settings: The calculator has a display with 21 digits, which means that larger numbers can be calculated is 10 x 10 digits or else 19X1 digits. Fromthelabeloptionsit is possible to adjust for each keystroke to sound, and the reverse layout of the numbers. 

Download internal: (0.26 MB)

Download external:

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