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Big Calculator

5 stars (excellent)


Version: 1.1.0 Freeware

Developer: Sensory Software International Ltd

Category: Calculators

Disability: Low Vision - Blindness


Big Calculator displays a calculator on the computer screen corresponding to that of Windows with the difference that it "speaks" the numbers chosen by the user, either using a numeric keypad or the mouse. Languages supported by the calculator depend on the already installed SAPI4 synthesizers.

Operating system: Windows XP SP3

Installation: No installation needed. To launch the application just download and run the file BigCalculator.exe.

Settings: All settings are available from the Preferences application menu. Users can: (a) choose one of the installed Synthesizers, (b) set up synthesizer's voice parameters such as speech rate, pitch and volume and (c) set up text and background colours. The size of the calculator buttons is determined by the WIDTH of the calculator window. Tip: for extra large read-out, set a wide, short window, and input with the numeric keys.

Download internal: setupBigCalculator.exe (< 1 MB)

Download external:

Last updated: 10/11/14 23:13


  • Development discontinued @ 2012-10-08 13:01:16
    Big Calculator has been discontinued. The official page has been kept for information only. Of course you can download and install the file form the "Download internal" section.


  • J Barley @ 06/06/17 2:05
    This is a great calculator-easy to view & can use the numeric keypad.

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