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Sayz Me

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Version: 0.51 Freeware

Developer: The Data Furnace Pty Ltd.

Category: Alternative Communication - Document Accessibility

Disability: Speech Disability - Low Vision - Motor Disability


The Sayz Me creates an environment in which the user can write a text and then pressing the "Read" can hear it spoken. You may also listen to anything copied to clipboard. The user can enter text in the process of copy-paste or open a file ". Txt".  It supports only SAPI4.

Operating system: Windows 98, 2000, XP, 7

Installation: Make sure you have installed SAPI4 before starting the application. Run the file sayzm051.exe generated by unpacking the file

Settings: The type of voice, speed of speech, the pitch and intensity of voice are made from the menu by selecting Options and then Voice Setting.

Download internal: (2.34 MB)

Download external:

Last updated: 12/01/18 11:16


  • Vicki Fox @ 11/11/11 19:38
    No longer available at external download site

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