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2 stars (moderate)


Version: 5.1.7 Freeware


Category: Braille Translators

Disability: Blindness


The WinBraille is software to convert a text to a form of Braille. It is compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel (2003 and 2007), Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Outlook, Internet pages and simple text documents. The software accompanies Index Braille printers and gives the user the ability to print in a very simple terms, as would almost do with any other printer in Windows. An important feature is the support of the Greek language as well as the Greek system of Braille.

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7

Installation: To install the application a Braille printer (Embosser) must be connected. Download the file winBraille-5.1.7 and install it on your computer. Then from the folder Index Braille which has been created to programs (Start, Programs), select the Index Braille Download Manager 1.0 and it will open a new window with the help of which you can download and install the software (an active internet connection is demanding).

Settings: Details adjustments in file LogismikoWinBraille.pdf.

Download internal: (0.36 MB)

Download external:

Last updated: 12/11/14 19:58


  • Version 5.1.7 @ 2014-11-12 19:59:55
    The program has been upgraded since version to newer version 5.1.7


  • ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ @ 03/09/20 16:48
    Δεν τρέχει σε 64bit λειτουργικό.
  • @ 06/05/18 7:18

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