Math notation for the sighted is a global language, but this is not the case with braille math, as different codes are in use worldwide. MathBrailleCodes Repository aims to constitute a knowledge base as well as a search engine for both students who need to find a specific symbol code and the editors who produce accessible STEM educational content or, in general, the learner of math braille notation. After compiling a set of mathematical braille codes used worldwide in a database, we assigned the corresponding Unicode representation, when applicable, matched each math braille code with its LaTeX equivalent, and forwarded with Presentation MathML. Every math symbol is accompanied with a characteristic example in MathML and Nemeth. The repository was designed following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Users or learners of any code, both sighted and blind, can search for a term and read how it is rendered in various codes. You can find more details in P. Riga, T. Antonakopoulou, D. Kouvaras, S. Lentas and G. Kouroupetroglou (2021) “The BrailleMathCodes Repository”, in Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on “Digitization and e-Inclusion in Mathematics and Science 2021” DEIMS2021, February 18-19, 2021, Tokyo, pp. 105-114. 

In case you find some code missing or if you want to contribute to the translation of the symbols to more languages, please contact us be email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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