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Student Welfare

Healthcare, Hospital Treatment and Vaccination

Undergraduate, postgraduate students and PhD candidates, who don’t have any health insurance, are entitled to full medical or hospital treatment in the National Health System (NHS) using their Social Insurance Number; the expenses will be covered by the National Organization for Healthcare Services (EOPYY).

The Health Service of the NKUA provides healthcare services (medical and hospital treatment) to the students of the University of Athens. For information: Secretariat tel. 210 3688208

The Health Service of the NKUA has the following clinics:

  • General practitioner (tel. +30 210 3688241, +30 210 3688243) Monday – Wednesday – Friday 8.00 – 14.30, Tuesday and Thursday 8.00 – 13.30
  • Ophthalmologist (tel. +30 210 3688240) Monday – Wednesday – Friday 8.30 – 13.30, Tuesday – Thursday 9.30 – 14.30
  • Dentist (tel. +30 210 3688210, +30 210 3688211) Monday through Friday 8.30 – 13.30
  • Dermatology examination
    Students of the NKUA can be examined at the “Andreas Syggros” dermatological hospital after communication with the Secretariat of the Health Service at the University Club (tel. +30 210 3688208, +30 210 3688218) Monday – Wednesday 8:30-12:00

Student Meals

The University provides free meals to its students. Every active student of the NKUA (i.e. undergraduate, postgraduate students and PhD candidates) is entitled to free meals as long as they have not obtained a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level degree respectively before and their annual income is below a certain limit. For further information on which students are eligible for free meals, the criteria and the documents that must be submitted, you can visit the website of the University Club.

Housing in the Student Dormitories

The NKUA has the University of Athens’ Student Dormitories (FEPA) which consists of four dormitories. The number of students who can stay in these dormitories amounts to 1064.

As far as SwD are concerned, there are special rooms: 28 in Building A, 16 in Building C, 8 in Building D. These rooms have private toilets and bathrooms.

New students are being admitted twice a year: in October – November and in December – January. Their number depends on the number of the rooms available. In order to take a room in the Student Dormitories, each student must fulfill certain social criteria, which are described in the Rules of Procedure of the Student Dormitories along with the rules regarding living conditions. Rooms are given by drawing lots in public.

Housing Financial Aid

Undergraduate students who have not graduated from any other higher education institution before are eligible for an annual housing financial aid under certain circumstances.

Students Aid Fund

The “Students Aid Fund of the University of Athens” (TAFPA) operates as a separate service of the University Club. Its aim is to provide moral and material support in money or in kind to students or the NKUA in order to cover their emergency needs, such as: students suffering from serious conditions (quadriplegia, blindness), students in financial distress, financial and family misfortunes (unemployment, divorced parents, loss of parents, etc.).

The Secretariat of the Aid Fund is housed in the Logistics Office on the 3rd floor of the University Club (15 Ippokratous Street). It is open daily (Monday-Friday) between 8.30 - 13:30 (tel. +30 210 3688221, +30 210 3688256).

Department of Public Relations and Job Placement

The duties of the Department of Public Relations and Job Placement are the following:

  • It informs students about a variety of subjects, such as scholarships and prizes, seminars, workshops, conferences.
  • It informs students about the benefits provided by the University Club along with every other aspect of campus life at the NKUA.
  • It provides information regarding the admission procedure in the Student Dormitories.
  • It is responsible to collect the applications of students who wish to work in order to be supported financially and be able to complete their studies; it facilitates them with their job search. Furthermore, it manages job announcements, informs students who could be suitable candidates in accordance to the requirements-criteria of each job position and helps them get in touch with possible employers.
  • It supervises the University Cultural Club and - in cooperation with its sectors - undertakes the organization of cultural events.

The Department is located on the 4th floor of the University Club (15 Ippokratous Street) Tel. +30 210 3688251