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Volunteerism Service

The Volunteerism Service is offered by the Accessibility Unit to assure Students with Disabilities are personally supported wherever they may encounter difficulties, within their academic life.


To coordinate the volunteering activities for the disabled students by their peer students.

Who does it concern?

Students with Disabilities: they have to submit the Disability/Special Needs Registration Form.
Volunteer Students: who wish to support their fellow students during an academic semester.

Types of Voluntary Support

The voluntary categories indicatively include:

  • Support for transportation (mainly for wheelchair users)
  • Support in handling objects (books, laboratory instruments, etc).
  • Inform about announcements of teachers / labs / secretariats.
  • Gathering of textbooks from their distribution places.
  • Support in note taking.
  • Support in the writing of assignments and computer use.
  • Support in study.
  • Support in writing exams.
  • Learning of computers.
  • Production of accessible text books.