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How can interested students apply for the Accessibility Unit’s services

Εvery student wishing to receive adjustments and reasonable accommodations from the Accessibility Unit must follow the procedure described below:

  1. Firstly, students must fill in (in collaboration with a member of the Accessibility Unit’s staff) the Student’s Activity and Participation Restrictions Registration Form (ReF) for students with disabilities, disorders, learning difficulties or severe diseases and submit it along with a diagnosis certificate to the Accessibility Unit.
  2. Secondly, they must arrange a meeting either in person or via videoconference with a member of the Accessibility Unit’s staff (see Contact with the Accessibility Unitin order to discuss in detail about their activity limitations and participation restrictions concerning the academic function and get a thorough presentation of the services they can receive from the Accessibility Unit.
  3. Finally, if a student’s limitations and restrictions require accommodations and adjustments in lectures, seminars, laboratory practicals or in the exams, then he/she must confer (in person or via videoconference) with the Accessibility Advisor Professor of his/her Department/Faculty. This matter must be addressed during their first meeting (or videoconference) and they decide together about which particular accommodations the student is going to receive. Students must communicate with the Accessibility Advisor Professor a) at the beginning of each semester, in order to inform him/her about which classes they are going to attend and b) at least 10 days before every exam period, in order to inform him/her about which exams they are going to take.
    As long as the Accessibility Advisor Professor has been informed by the students about the classes they are going to attend or the exams they are going to take, he/she subsequently notifies other faculty members or members of the teaching staff about the accommodations agreed with each student. In that way, students don’t have to communicate and/or meet with each faculty member or member of the teaching staff in order to address the restrictions they face regarding their academic function.